Fairey Firefly Hispano 20mm Cannons In Long Fairings

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Special Hobby 1/48 Firefly
Company: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Master Model - Website: Visit Site

Master-Model provides modelers with exquisite miniature turned metal parts that can be used in place of kit parts to add extra detail to models. Their sets generally are available for builders in all popular scales. This set (AM-48-096) provides parts to assemble crisply detailed 1:48 scale Hispano 20mm cannon in long fairings for the Fairey Firefly.

The parts are designed to replace the injection molded ones in Special Hobby kits without significant surgery. The kits have holes on the wings’ leading edge to install injection molded parts so it is likely the Master-Model barrels will literally drop in place instead. (Although the size of the holes may need to be increased to 1.5mm diameter to accept the plug on the end of the fairings).

The set includes 4 turned brass barrels that display crisp definition (and no seam lines found on the kit marts that need to be smoothed out. Photos below from the Master-Model website show the parts and how they fit into the wing. A simple instruction sheet provided in the set illustrates the installation. The remaining photo shows how the turned barrels compare to the kit’s injection molded barrel parts. The detail possible using the Master-Model set is obviously far superior to that when using the kit parts.

Because the Master-Model parts are brass, they must be attached to the plastic wing with superglue or epoxy cement. Tweezers and an Optivisor will be helpful when assembling everything.

This set is highly recommended to average model builders who have a pin vice, a pair of tweezers, some super glue and the desire to greatly enhance their 1:48 Special Hobby Fairey Firefly.

My thanks to Master Model for providing the review sample and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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