Faded - The Weathering Magazine Issue #21

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Faded is number 21 in the Weathering Magazine series published by Ammo by Mig Jimenez. They take one topic, in this case faded vehicles, and created nine articles to help the read improve their skill on this topic. There are 70 pages for these nine articles including many high gloss photos. The wide range of subjects should appeal to most modelers. There are three tank articles, a farm tractor, a submarine, a Star Wars A-wind fighter, a car, a railroad tanker car and a Messerschmitt BF109 airplane. One article of an Aussie M1 tank is a work in progress from the magazine before this one, the “Camouflage” issue. Most of the articles use only Ammo by Mig products, but a few use Tamiya paints too. The magazine is in the larger, A4 European style, since it is published in Spain. Since the articles appear to be written by Spanish authors and then translated into British English, some spelling is different than American English.

There is no kit assembly photos or discussion, just step by step painting and fading guides. I like how the article photos go from freshly paint models and progress to a faded, worn look. There are step by step instructions with each photo, so it is very easy to follow along. Quiet a few of the articles show how to do a dot filter with Ammo’s oilbrushers. I am also reviewing so of these, so that information came in very handle.

I will be keeping the magazine next to my workbench to refer to often. The clear and details instructions are excellent at explaining each step in the fading process. The last page is a sneak preview of the next issue which will be focused on the “Basics”. This looks like a great reference for anyone just starting or more likely picking the hobby back up after a long break.

I would like to thank Ammo by Mig Jimenez and IPMS for the opportunity to read and review this awesome publication.


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