F/A-18C F/A-18F Demo Hornets

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November 8, 2017
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Revell, Kinetic or Hasegawa C or F models
Provided by: Twobobs Aviation Graphics - Website: Visit Site
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Thank you, Bob Sanchez, for another beautiful set of decals and this set is a little more important. Capt. Jeff Kuss was a Colorado native on top of being a Top Aviator. Why would this set have some relevance to myself you ask? Well maybe due to the fact I'm currently active duty and stationed about 2 hours from where he was laid to rest. Thank You, Mr. Sanchez and Two Bobs!

About the Company

Two Bobs is a limited run/ Custom aviation Decal company based out of Fort Worth, Texas and is owned and operated by Mr. Bob Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez is a former enlisted Air Force engineer and has been very active in the modeling community almost all of his life and has continued to be active in the aviation field outside of his service to our country.

I can tell you guys from experience Mr. Sanchez’s decals cover unique and memorable topics, are a pleasure to work with and downright hard to get if you miss out on a particular set, so keep that in mind when ordering because some of these sets may never be found again.

What’s on the Sheet?

This decal set is a very important set for 2 very special reasons. 1st reason is this sheet contains the decals honoring the final retirement of the Valions Squadron who saw service from WWII up to the GWOT and the 2nd set of markings is a tac demo jet honoring USMC Capt. Jeff Kuss who was killed in a crash while preparing for the Great Tennessee Airshow in June of 2016:

  • F/A-18C VFA-15 Retro, VFA-106 Gladiators, NAS Ocean, VA. March 2017
  • F/A-18F #6 Kuss, VFA-122 Flying Eagles, NAS Lemoore, CA. August 2016

The Decals

The Decals are extremely crisp and colorful and I could not find any large amounts of carrier film or nothing of concern. These decals are printed by Microscale Industries and as always microscale always recommends using their decal setting solution of Micro-Sol and Micro-Set with the products they sell and I would not argue that point at all.

The decals have a 2-sheet instruction set printed on both sides covering paint schemes, color callout along with decal and stencil placement. The first larger sheet covers the livery and some stencil placement of the aircraft with the smaller second sheet containing the remainder of the stencil data.

The Color callouts are covered through the following.

  • FS Color- FS17875, FS36375, FS36320, FS33613
  • Humbrol Lacquer- HU22, HU127, HU128, HU148
  • GSI Creos (Gunze Sangyo) - H316, H308, H307, H318
  • Mr. Paint- MRP-99. MRP-038, MRP-97, NA
  • Testor’s Model Master Line- 1745, 1728, 1741, 1709
  • Xtracrylics- XA1141, XA1136, XA1135, NA

Two Bobs has specified Kinetic, Hasegawa, and Revell as the recommended kits for the use of these decals. I personally have only used the Hasegawa and will probably use a Revell as well. I think you should be fine however with whatever kit manufacturer you use as long as they are “C” and “F” models.


These are very lively and colorful decals and have a very special significance not only for the historical aspect and to allow future, younger generations to know what was once a long time ago, but also like many of us can attest to this …. Keeping a great man’s memory alive and to remember those that have fallen and they are still thought of and missed.

My thanks to Bob Sanchez and Two Bobs for this emotionally driving decal sheet, it will be a very cherished set in my binder until I am ready to build that # 6 Kuss, thank you to IPMS for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the reviewer corps and keep the manufacturers busy for as well!


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