F3H-2/F3H-2M Screamin' Demons Decals Part 1

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March 29, 2012
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Hobbyboss 1/48 F3H Demon
Company: Furball Aero-Design - Website: Visit Site
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Wow – this is such a great first release by new company Furball Designs and its chief cook and bottle washer, Geoff Martin. The decals are for the new Hobbyboss 1/48 F3H Demon and include markings for 9 (yup, NINE) planes:

  • F3H-2M, 1957, VX-4 (with the Playboy bunny logo)
  • F3H-2, 1963, VF-14
  • F3H-2, 1962, VF-21
  • F3H-2, 1963, VF-54
  • F3H-2M, 1958, VF-61
  • F3H-2, 1959, VF-101
  • F3H-2M, 1958, VF-24
  • F3H-2, 1961, VF-31
  • F3H-2, 1959, VF-41

The decals come in two sheets – one is color and is 8" x 10" and the other is all black and is 7.5" x 8". Printing is by Cartograf and is superb, is in register, and is colorful. One thing that is excellent is the decals are separated for things like the speed brakes or the wing fences and there is no need for the modeler to cut.

Now for the litmus test – I had already started the Grand Phoenix kit when these were first announced and spoke to Geoff about whether it would fit. He stated that it should and to watch the tail marking only. The decals applied perfectly, not well or good, perfectly. They are extra thin and conform to panel lines with normal MicrolSol, but water may do it, they are that good. I would recommend one thing for the decals. The larger ones have very minimal carrier film and cutting them in sections is necessary. For example, the "NAVY" that goes on the back at the speed brake is large and there is almost no carrier film between the parts of the large "N". This is great but it badly wants to fold. I cut the decal into three parts and it fit well. The same goes with the larger ones. The fit on the Grand Phoenix kit is perfect except for the rudder and speed brake wells. The colors perfectly match the FS numbers so, once the decals dried, I touched them up with a paint brush. My second recommendation is to get some soapy water and use it to float the decals. Once they stick, they stick well, so float them and, once positioned, soak up the soapy water with a Q-Tip. The most impressive thing (beyond the cool color schemes) was the way the decals fit, settled, and then the carrier film disappeared. I included some finished shots of the plane – I love it!

These are highly recommended to fans of the Demon! Don't build your kit without them. My thanks to Geoff Martin and Furball Designs for the sample. More, please!

No website yet. Vendor access: Geoffrey Martin – furballaerodesign@gmail.com


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