F-80 Shooting Star Wingtip Tanks

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Revell/Monogram kits
Company: True Details - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Squadron - Website: Visit Site
True Details kitset in package


2 resin 265-gallon tip tanks and mount fairings. Ex-KMC mold. For the Revell/Monogram kits.


Packaged is in a clear face, white backed, poly bag stapled to a folded card along with a note sheet. It was clear the vintage KMC molds seem to be holding up pretty well despite the years. Upon opening the package I found the resin almost flawless, detecting only a few pinholes and heavy pour stubs. The details include nice gas caps and mounting points on the tanks. The wing tip fairings appear to be a tad small otherwise they look fine. Squadron included a note warning of “possible resin shrinkage” installing these fairings will require minor surgery of the kit, the wing tips will need to be trimmed to the panel line while remembering you must compensate for ‘resin shrinkage’.

When comparing the True Details part to the kit part it is easy to see why this is a desirable item for a couple of good reasons. First, the kit does not offer the fairings as an option with the 265 gal kit tanks and second, the kit tank parts (41L/R x2) simply fall short stacked next to the resin counterpart.

Final Notes:

If you are into the vintage jets of yesteryear and have the old Monogram kit calling your name I highly recommend this resin set. I would like to thank IPMS and Squadron Products for the review items it was my pleasure.


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