F-4J/S Canopy Mask for Zoukei Mura

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December 23, 2019
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Zoukei Mura
Company: New Ware - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: New Ware - Website: Visit Site
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Company Background

New Ware is a company in the Czech Republic that is well know to spacecraft modelers. They were new to me. I looked into their website and the text is a mix of English and Czech, and it is noted that Russian, German and Italian are also spoken. They offer kabuki-type masks for many of the popular scales from 1/24 down to the diminuative 1/144, plus eggplanes.

Their on-line catalog is broken down by scale, with a further breakdown for model kit manufacturer. Each mask description for the kit noted with details for the contents such as all clear parts, interior (when offered), other clear parts and wheels.

Contents Description

There are two sets of canopy masks included: exterior and interior. This set is noted as "expert" on the website, while set 0330 is noted as "basic" and set 0331 is "advanced". The basic set provides masks for the exterior of the canopy without sealants or the wheels. The advanced set includes three sets of canopy masks: (1) the interior, (2) the seal color mask, and (3) the exterior color, and the wheels. The expert mask set (the review product) includes three sets of canopy masks: (1) the interior, (2) the seal color mask, and (3) the exterior color, and the wheels.

The review set includes spare masks noted as "white masks", and each individual mask is numbered with placement drawings included. The instructions note that placing the masks wet on wet surfaces is recommended except where noted. The masks must be supplemented with masking tape or liquid masking.

For those of us wishing to pose our work with canopies open this set of masks is a real plus in my opinion. Sure, you may paint the interior color on the exterior surfaces of the canopy clear parts, but when the canopy is mounted open the exterior painted surface has an un-natural glossy finish on the interior surfaces. Or, you may mask the interior with cut pieces of masking tape with often less than satisfactory results.

Pre-cut canopy masks are often expensive, however the time saved and the results obtained by using these products is well worth the cost.

The Zoukei Mura F-4S Phantom kit has main wheels with the tire portion in two parts and the hub separate which allows the modeler to paint the hubs and tire portions separately and therefore the use of the wheel masks may be optional..


I wish to thank New Ware and IPMS USA for the opportunity to review this product. Highly recommended.


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