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This is not my first review of a Detail & Wonder after-market landing gear set. And, as previously noted, this landing gear ‘Upgrade Set’ continues to set a very high bar in terms of both accuracy, price, and overall quality.Thanks for taking a few minutes to read these notes.

I am attaching several color scans to illustrate the first three pages of the instructions. Hopefully, aside from my amateurish scanning efforts, this will provide several insights as to the quality of the D&W instructions. Not only are they in red, black, and white colors, but these provide specific instructions as to where you should cut them to achieve the desired result when removing the surrounding structure and using small blue cutting indicators to show where the larger pieces are to be removed, as well as the final places for the actual parts are removed. I hope my page 1 and 2 scans will provide these detailed views. There are also ample warnings about paying close attention to delicate or small parts and areas where no glue is to be used.

For my fellow ‘Big Bang’ fans, I’ve tried several times to decipher the various nomenclatures that accompany the 3D world and lost that battle, winding up with just more ‘jibber jabber.’

To provide a better insight into the overall quality of this upgrade set, I have assembled and painted the completed upgrade set.

My painting suggestions include a base coat of AK Real Color Insignia White (FS 17875) # RC 222; tires: Mission Models Worn Black Grey Tire Camo (#MMP-105); pin wash using 502 Abteilung Brown Wash #ABT080; and a final flat finish using Testors Dullcoat Lacquer (#1160).

Summarizing notes: once again, I can not say enough nice comments about this Detail & Wonder aftermarket upgrade set, specifically patterned for the Meng F-4G or F-4E main gear. Their attention to even the tiniest of details still impresses me. And as you can quickly see, I recommend this upgrade set for any modeler planning or undertaking either of these two kits. I trust you will be as impressed as was I.


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