F-4 Phantom Fuselage Corrections for Zoukei-Mura Kits

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HMR 48029
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Zoukei-Mura Short Nosed Phantoms
Company: Hypersonic Models - Website: Visit Site
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About Hypersonic Models (from the website)

Hypersonic Models are currently located in Sennan City, Osaka prefecture, Japan, and products are manufactured, packed and shipped from there. All items for sale here are original Hypersonic Models' products, we don't act as re-sellers for other brands' or companies' products.

Contents Description

This is a set of aft fuselage half parts that correct the shape error on the engine shoulders of the Zoukei Mura short nose Phantoms. The parts are cast in an olive green resin, with fine recessed detail and panel lines. In addition to the re-shaped geometry, some additional surface detail has been included. This is not a drop-fit replacement set. Cutting of the fuselage is required, as well as some sanding of the remaining kit plastic and then puttying and blending of the new resin parts. Self adhesive cutting guide strips are provided that will mark the precise cutting line and guide your tool.


The instructions begin with line drawings depicting the removal of the casting block and the webbing from the two sides. The instructions include a tip about cutting one side first, and recommend the starboard side to use as a master to assure proper alignment, the cutting will require the use of a fine and thin razor saw.

Guide strips are provided that are affixed to the ZM fuselage halves, aligning with kit panel lines. Cut lines are also identified. Easy, right? But study the instructions closely as this may be a bit scary when cutting this expensive kit. Think about this requirement and make certain you are up to the challenge before you purchase this upgrade.

The instructions also detail what parts of the plastic parts must be removed and thinned. Tips for gluing the resin to the plastic are shown as well as cautionary notes for proper alignment of the assemblies. Finally, once everything is dried the resin must be slightly thinned to allow the exhaust nozzles to fit.

Recommendations are offered for the filling of the resin-to-plastic joins.

The last page of the instructions addresses the port side modifications, plus modifications required for Air Force Phantoms.


The installation of this upgrade set is not for the faint of heart. But those modelers who wish to have a more accurate Zoukei Mura F-4 Phantom this set will do it. This a very nicely cast set with fine detail that will compliment that of the base kit. I found the instructions to be extremely helpful and clear. Recommended for the experienced modeler.

Many thanks to Hypersonic Models and to IPMS/USA for allowing me the opportunity to review and add this set to my F-4S


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