F-16CG F-16CM Falcon / Viper '31st Fighter Wing - Return with Honor', Avianio AB, Italy

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May 7, 2019
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Decal Sheet

The F-16 has always been a favorite of mine. So when these decals came out I just had to get a set. The Aviano aircraft have been involved in all major campaigns since 2001. This sheet covers from 2002 to 2009.

Packaged in a large ziplock bag are seven double-sided high-quality sheets with full color printings. There are marking options for 14 aircraft. Each aircraft has both side profile views. All the markings are clearly seen. If there was a variation in the markings it is pointed out. Each sheet has two aircraft on each side of the sheet. Some of the aircraft have really colorful markings, including nose art and tail markings. The Wyvern and fin flash are quite colorful. If you like color on your Falcon this is a great sheet. There are mission markings and kill markings.

This sheet features Block 40 aircraft with their all day/all-weather capability with Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting systems installed using the LANTIRN and LITENING or SNIPER pod systems. It had the General Electric F-100-GE-100 engine fitted. The decals are designed to fit the Tamiya family of kits, in particular, Bullseye recommends using the Aggressor boxing of the kit. The decals can be used on Hasegawa or Kinetics kits with some trimming.

There are two information sheets. One sheet mentions various information about the Block 40 and what to look for and how to modify the kit. Very well researched and easily understandable. Another page explains some typical weapons configurations for various operations. There is a fact sheet about the unit which also includes Modeling Notes. One sheet also has all the stencils.

The actual decals themselves are printed by Cartograf so you know they are world class printing. They are in perfect register with great color saturation levels. One sheet is 8.5 x 11 and contains all the colorful markings. The second sheet is a small stencil sheet with enough stencils to do two aircraft.

The aircraft on the sheet are painted in one of two schemes, a three tone or two tone scheme, but the bright colors on the tails and noses will make them stand out in your display area.

So world class decals printed to perfection with colorful subjects backed up by excellent research. Plenty of information to help the modeler. What more could you ask for? I loved this sheet and so will you.

Highly recommended

These decals, and all of Bullseye Decals, are available exclusively at Sprue Brothers Models at spruebrothers.com


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