F-16C Hill AFB Vipers

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November 30, 2021
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Base Kit
Tamiya F-16C Kits
Provided by: Afterburner Decals


Three modelers form the talents behind Afterburner Decals. Geoff Martin, Burtonsville, Maryland; Scott Brown, Houston, Texas; and Shawn Hull, Las Vegas, Nevada. They started this business though their love of US Military jet aircraft and the lack of decals for contemporary and past markings. In addition, Shawn Hull runs shull24.com resin accessories for modern jets.

One of their goals and founding principles is to listen to their customers and give them what they want. They do not consider themselves to be "experts", but rather are willing to rely on the people that they know to provide inspiration and guidance on appealing topics. The vast majority of references are provided from outside resources.

Much of the assistance they receive is from the folks in the military. You'll notice more often than not that the names on the "Special Thanks" sections on the sheet instructions are the same ones on the sides of the jets. This makes maintaining the level of accuracy possible. Without this kind of help, the task of researching the subjects becomes exceedingly difficult.

The Decals

Three decal sheets are included in this package. All are printed by Cartograf.

  1. 8” by 10 ½” tail codes, fin flashes and unit markings.
  2. 4” by 4” national insignia and miscellaneous stencils for two aircraft.
  3. 3. 2” by 3” additional fin flashes

One must look quite close to detect the carrier film on these decals. Although a glossy base finish is required for these decals the minimal carrier film will make many a builder happy.

The Instructions

Seven 8 ½” by 11 full-color, double-sided information sheets are included.

  1. The cover sheet notes that decals are provided for 39 jets! The back side of this first sheet has color profiles for four F-16, while the next four sheets follow that standard with more F-16 color profiles. Unit markings and pilots’ names are noted on most profiles.
  2. The sixth sheets provides information on specific details for the subject F-16’s. Information covers the locations for chaff/flare dispensers, Terrain-Following Navigation Pods, wheels types (!), and several other details for these aircraft. The back side is a high quality line drawings for the stencil guide including both sides plus the top and bottom plan views.
  3. The last sheet identifies the F-16 colors, plus colors used for the weapons pylons, missile rails and drop tanks. Modeling notes address Tamiya kit information, plus a heads up for those wishing to use the Hasegawa kit. And lastly aftermarket accessories and sources are identified. The backside of this last sheet shows weapons loads used during the various deployments, plus equipment used. Note: also noted on this last sheet is a “shout-out to our peeps!!, which I am assuming are contributors to the information contents of the decals and the instruction sheets.

I personally really appreciate the information included in the Models Notes. Very helpful stuff!


I was absolutely blown away by the content and quality of the decals, plus all the color information sheets included. This package is a great reference source for F-16’s. I highly recommend this decal sheet for those interested in building a collection of F-16’s, or those willing to share with their modeling friends; Finally, this sheet would be the basis for a great group build project, although the stencils and national markings will need to be obtained from another source.

Many thanks to the guys at Afterburner Decals and to IPMS/USA which once again offered a wonderful opportunity to review a truly outstanding, high quality product. I do have a Tamiya and a Hasegawa F-16 in my un-built collection. Looks like both will soon get some attention.

Members of our local club who have used the Afterburner Decals speak quite highly of this product line of modern jet decals.

Thank you Afterburner Decals.


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