F-16C "Florida Makos" 482FW Flagship

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The F-16 Falcon has been around for quite a few years now and it never ceases to amaze me just how many new and interesting ways they have found to mark it. Caracal Models has produced decals for one very interesting and cool set of markings. This sheet provides markings for the specially decorated 2014 flagship F-16C (87-0247) belonging to the 482FW based at Homestead AFB. Complete markings for the spectacular shark decoration and stenciling is provided on the decal sheet. The toothy mouth even sits next to the intake!

Inside the package, you get an excellent reference-sheet indicating just which F-16C to use (Block 30 with GE Engine and a MCID big mouth intake), color call-outs and stencil locations, and the web site for location of the masking templates if you might prefer painting the markings.

You will notice two decal sheets in the package. The first one is the standard one which contains all the markings for the plane as well as the needed stencils. You will note that the shark markings are dark, almost black and should match FS36118 Gunship Gray, which they do not. There is also a very dark national insignia. The insignia is completely correct, and the guide says it goes under one wing, showing just how well this set is researched. Decal sheet number two, which is printed by Microscale, includes all the needed shark markings in a very good color match. And, of course, you can always download the mask, and paint the markings. Both sheets have excellent register and color.

So what do you look for in a decal sheet? Good research and subject - check and check. Great registration and color - double check. Excellent instructions - check also. This set of sheets has it all. Most highly recommended to everyone especially fans of shark mouthed kits and great schemes.

My thanks to Caracal Models for the opportunity to review this set of fine decals.


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