F-16C "100 Years of Flying Fiends"

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August 24, 2018
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If you build modern aircraft subjects, you’re no doubt already familiar with Two Bobs Aviation Graphics decals. Owner Bob Sanchez is a USAF vet who has put in plenty of time around modern jet aircraft. His firm produces some of the best quality decals available for unusually marked and typical line examples of modern aircraft subjects.

The subjects of this set are two Block 40 F-16Cs from the 36th FS of the 51st FW based at Osan AB, South Korea. The first example is an F-16C Block 40, s/n 89-2043, specially painted to celebrate the Centennial of the “Flying Fiends” in October 2017, with two red “swooshes” and checkerboard graphics on the vertical stabilizer and checkerboard accent graphics on the rear fuselage canards. The second example is an F-16C Block 40 line bird, s/n 88-0540, sporting the typical squadron markings from April 2008 of a redfin stripe, galloping mustang graphic and a black checkerboard band across the vertical stabilizer.

In the plastic sleeve on a typical 4-3/4” X 7-5/8” decal sheet, you will find the non-typical markings and graphics described above, along with two sets of supporting stencils. Two squadron patch markings and supplemental maintenance stencils are provided on separate, smaller sheets. The sheets are printed in perfect registration by Microscale. The decals are properly sized to fit the Tamiya, Hasegawa and Kinetic F-16C Block 40 examples.

Standard USAF F-16 color references are provided with color numbers for five different model paint manufacturers. While this is not a difficult paint/masking job, the instruction sheet illustrates the correct paint scheme and suggested paint colors.

Two Bob’s decals are printed in the US by Microscale. In previous builds I have completed, Two Bobs decals went down smoothly over a gloss coat of Future, and with a touch of Solvaset, nestled down into and over the surface detailing. After sealing everything with another couple of mist coats of Future, things look great prior to weathering and dull coating.

Two Bobs Aviation Graphics is a Ft. Worth, Texas-based firm that offers high-quality decals for scale modelers. Their subjects include a variety of military aircraft from post-World War II to the present. I have purchased several of their decals sets on my own, and their offerings are typically well-researched and interesting subjects. The usual 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 aircraft scales are well represented. Visit their website at www.twobobs.net, to peruse their ample line. Ordering can be done on site (although the webstore wasn’t operating the day I wrote this), or through various online hobby suppliers and select local hobby shops. Those of us in Texas cough up an additional 8.25% for maintaining the Republic when ordering direct.

As usual from this manufacturer, very highly recommended! Thanks to Two Bobs Aviation Graphics and IPMS for the review set. Let’s see, I think I have several unbuilt Viper “C” examples in the stash …


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