F-16A MLU Danish Air Force Decals in 1/72nd

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any 1/72 F-16A MLU
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Twobobs has released a sheet for those of us who like colorful aircraft, something that will relieve that expanse of grey on grey in the display case. The aircraft catered for on this sheet are two F-16A Midlife Update (MLU) aircraft at Skrydstrup AB of the Royal Danish Air Force. They were painted in special markings to celebrate the anniversaries of the activation of their squadrons.

The first, F-16AM Block 10 MLU, 78-0194, commemorates the 60th Anniversary of ESK 727 on 18 June 2010. It has an all orange-red tail fin and fairing with a white cross and a golden lion and golden script showing 1950 and 2010 for either side of the tail.

The second aircraft, F-16AM Block 5 MLU (upgraded to Block 10), 78-0187, is marked to show the 50th Anniversary of ESK 730 on 3 March 2006. This aircraft has a green tail fin fairing and a green and blue fin, with a white bull, stars and letting for the squadron and 50 years. There is also a small decal to allow you to add a bit of red to the bull.

Both aircraft carry orange-painted AIM-9s with the squadron numbers in white on the wingtip missile rails.

The instructions are full color front and back with drawings of the aircraft showing where all the markings and stencils go and several pictures of the actual aircraft for detail reference. The sheets give color references in FS numbers and tie them, where possible, to Model Master, Humbrol, Gunze Sangyo, and Xtracrylics paints.

The decals are printed crisply and cleanly by Microsoft on one sheet, with a small addendum sheet with the squadron crests.

The sheet is highly recommended for those who like F-16s but want something to brighten up the scenery a bit. My thanks go to Bob Sanchez at TwoBobs Aviation Graphics for the sample and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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