F-16 Big Mouth Integrated Intake (Tamiya)

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F-16 Fighting Falcon (Tamiya – Big Mouth Intake)
Company: Fab Scale

A new F-16 one-piece 3D printed resin intake in 1/48th scale is provided by Fab Scale for the Tamiya kit.This is a drop-in replacement for the Big Mouth intake for the GE F110 Engine. Sample comparison Tamiya kit is from Block 50.

Note: There is no official website for Fab Scale, a business card was inside the box referencing Scalemates.com

In The Package & Product Notes

The sample review came in a small plastic box and was wrapped in a Ziploc bag.

There is one (1) 3D printed part made from white colored resin. This part will replace H5 & H9 from the Tamiya kit.

The printed resolution of this intake is excellent and is an exact replica of the Tamiya parts but without the seam running horizontally on the sides.

Review Process

I started by separating the 3D part from its base using side-cutting nippers. Next, wet sanding to remove the support nubs.

I compared the 3D part to the Tamiya kit parts and did a check fit of how it is enclosed in the intake housing, parts H4 & H10, and it fits beautifully within them.

There was no need to paint the intake since it was printed in white, however, a modeler may choose to color it with a flat white for more opacity.


This is a great 3D printed set especially if you want a seamless intake for your “Big Mouth” Tamiya F-16 Fighting Falcon.

I want to thankWarspite Model Company and Fab Scale for providing the sample part and IPMS/USA for allowing me the opportunity to review.

Highly Recommend to everyone who wants to add more detail to their F-16 “Big Mouth” Fighting Falcon!


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