F-16 Aggressor Blizzard Paint Masks

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December 3, 2014
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Company: Gator Masks
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The Aggressor schemes as applied to Air Force F-16s are some of the ‘coolest’ paint schemes applied to the light weight fighter. Whether it is the Artic, Desert Flanker, Lizard, Blue Flanker or the Blizzard scheme they add lots of color to the drab F-16. The most unique of the Aggressor schemes is the Blizzard one. This set is based off of the USAF F-16C Block 30 (or Block 32) #86-0269 from the 64th AS in 2012. The markings are available through Afterburner Decals Aggressor sheet (48-085). This aircraft is the sole aircraft painted in this scheme, however, it is the best of the bunch. It features squiggly lines of color in FS35109 (dark blue), FS36628 (light grey), FS36270 (dark grey) and FS36251 (mid grey).

Included in the large manila envelope are three sheets of A4 size sheets of vinyl masks. One sheet covers the top, the other covers the bottom and the final one covers both sides of the aircraft. The vinyl masks are cut from yellow vinyl. The masks are very thin and the tack on the masks is adequate for the job. They are not so sticky as to leave a residue but are sticky enough to flex around compound curves.

There are two sheets of instructions printed on 8.5 x 11 inch single sided pages. The one page covers what is on the vinyl sheets. The other sheet gives instructions on how to use the masks.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Gator’s Mask and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can only obtain yours by contacting Gator’s Masks directly at gatorsmask@yahoo.com . You will have to write him to get actual shipping costs. When you order yours tell them that you heard about it from IPMS/USA. Check out the entire line of camouflage masks.


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