F-15J Motto Kuma Eagle

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December 25, 2019
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GWH and Hasegawa
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The Two Bobs website featuring this decal sheet provides the back story for this decal sheet.

“2017 marked the 60th Anniversary of Chitose Base in Hokkaido Japan. To commemorate this event, 201 Squadron, 2 Wing painted an F-15J in this striking scheme.

201 Squadron has a long history within JASDF. While flying the F-104J, it was responsible for conducting aggressor missions as well as providing ACM training. Reformed in 1986, the squadron received the F-15J.

Over the last 33 years, the squadron along with the 203rd Squadron, shoulders the responsibility for securing Japan's northern airspace.”

This information is also printed on the decal instruction sheet.

This decal sheet includes all markings and stencils required for this aircraft.

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The review item that was received has one issue with the decal instructions, and that is that the FS color call outs shown on the interior “pages” of the instruction sheet is in error. This error was caught by Two Bobs and the problem was addressed by the inclusion of a slip of paper with the correct FS color callouts printed on that slip. (Two of the images that are included in this review show the “correction slip” resting on the color call-out table. This correction is easily understood and does not detract from the product in any significant way.

There are three illustrations on the two interior pages that will guide you in decal placement. One of the illustrations is a “top view” of the aircraft, the second illustration is a view of the underside. The third illustration shows the vertical stabilizers and indicates the placement of a set of stencil decals. These illustrations will make the job of added the rather large number of decals much easier.

There are two other illustrations that cover the port and starboard side views of the aircraft. One of the images that accompany this review is of the starboard-rear area of the aircraft. Note that an enlarged image of each decal is provided, with an arrow that guides the modeler to the correct placement of that particular decal.

The instructions include six photographs of the aircraft being modeled, and each photograph summarizes a specific issues about details such as the radome’s appearance, antenna types and placement, ballast weights on the vertical stabilizers, and other specific details that will aid the modeler in accurizing the model.

The decals are of very high quality. The first thing I usually look for is the identification of the business that actually printed the decal sheet. In this case, that would be “Cartograf”. I have found Cartograf decals to be of a superior quality. The colors are centered properly. The red hinomaru with the surrounding white border are perfect. Even the very small stencil decals that have extremely thin black boundaries which circumnavigate a yellow “interior” are incredibly precise.The decals are thin and lay down well, and react appropriately to the various setting solutions that most modelers have on hand.You can follow Two Bobs on Facebook and Twitter, and the instruction sheet also provides an email address in order to reach out to Two Bobs.

This decal sheet is highly recommended for its superior quality, accuracy of the markings thanks to diligent research, and an excellent instruction sheet. Thanks to Two Bobs for the opportunity to review this product.


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