F-15E Maximum Effort Eagles

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Provided by: Twobobs Aviation Graphics - Website: Visit Site
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IPMS USA gratefully acknowledges the continued support from Bob at Two Bobs Aviation Graphics…

Recommended Kits

  • Tamiya’s F-15E; the later release is recommended, due to minor changes in weapons load
  • And to make sure your Mudhen is fully upgraded, I recommend the GT Resin range available from Sprue Brothers models for intakes, wheels, and exhausts.
  • Two Mikes also produces an excellent set of 1/32 F-15 Engine featherless exhausts.
  • If you are feeling particularly extravagant and must have the best, the HK range of 1/32 F-15 exhausts has been beautifully 3-D printed as well, and is heartily recommended. Order these directly or you can pay a distributor here in the States to do the leg work.

The review item is the typical high standard and normal from Two Bobs; I have a special place in the heart for Lakenheath subjects, as the F-111F’s there used to attack us at RAF Mildenhall with interdiction and other extreme low-level antics, and certainly the Mudhens and now F-35’s will be doing the same. And there are few things more satisfying than waking the neighbors when “quiet hours” end. Price of freedom, old man. I don’t choose the location, the enemy does.

The instructions are top of the line, simple and easy. The enlarged format with clear, concise detail and placement information for the aircraft markings and stenciling is the best I’ve seen in the business, period. And I’ve struggled with the original stencil sheets from other companies in the old days, so…

The Stars of this sheet are the “nose art” items and unit markings… LN has a long combat history, and the “Statue De La Liberte “ wing carries this tradition. I understand the Tigers sheet is next up, so we’ll see what the “don’t offend anyone while we are killing them” crowd restricts us to on that sheet. The theme of the 494th “Panthers” is toward ‘toon and movie characters with bad attitudes and baddass results, and subjects like “Ravage” and “Bulls Eye” are particularly detailed. The 2-OH-40oz is a red-tail character of the P-51’s, and a nod to their excellence. “Lady Liberty and “Texas Ranger” are also well done… and some of the other movie and TV themes are also addressed. All in register , all produced with the Proven excellence of the Cartograph decal company of Italy.

This Decal sheet is a perfect example of our choices and the expanding resources in the industry, and I look forward to more releases from Bob and crew in the future. As an old Maintainer himself, he knows what is correct and is produces one of the finest products out there!

Thanks again to TwoBobs for making the decals and providing IPMS/USA with a review sample.


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