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Tamiya F-14D
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The Tamiya 1/48th scale model of the F-14D recently introduced is a fantastic kit following the earlier release of the -A version. The parts are crisply molded and loaded with detail typical of Tamiya kits. However. some of us are never quite satisfied and wish to raise the detail bar a little higher, while some of us have difficulty staying within the lines when painting fine kit detail such as found in cockpits and instrument panels.

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This small pre-painted fret includes parts to replace the front and rear instrument panels, the side consols, and various sidewall instrument panels. The set includes two pages of instructions that show the kit raised surface detail that must be removed and the placement of the photo-etched parts. It sounds simple and it is, but the careful removal of the surface detail is time-consuming, and one might be inclined to shed a tear or two while removing that fantastic kit detail. Once the raised detail is removed the kit parts are painted in the appropriate color and when the paint has cured the PE may be fixed in place.

Once the PE parts are in place the cockpit can be fitted in the fuselage. Even with the fuselage closed around the finished cockpit, the appearance is quite impressive. Who cannot resist the urge to peek under the hood?

Now just fit the ejection seats in place and be amazed. But wait! the kit does not come with seat belts. That's another review.


I was a bit surprised at the cost of this set of PE enhancements, but once they are in place I felt they will add a great deal of color and detail to the cockpit. I normally add a set of PE cockpit details to the majority of my builds, and I recommend this set to any fan of the F-14. I planned to purchase this set for my Tamiya F-14D Tomcat, but when the offer was made to complete a review I volunteered and was fortunate to be selected for the task.

I wish to thank Eduard and IPMS USA for the opportunity to review this product and highly recommend its use for the Tamiya F-14D. I am very impressed with this manufacturer's growing line of products. I have used many of them and never been disappointed in the quality or detail.


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