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Tamiya F-14D, kit number 61118
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The Tamiya 1/48th scale model of the F-14D recently introduced is a fantastic kit following the earlier release of the -A version. The parts are chrisply molded and loaded with detail typial of Tamiya kits. This kit includes a printed sheet of masking material that must be individually cut out by the builder for the canopy clear areas.

Also included in the Tamiya masking sheet are masks for the engine inlet throats that are not included with the Eduard masks. If the Eduard masks are used for the canopy, portions of the Tamiya mask still has a place in the build.

Contents Description

The Eduard set of masks is provided in two small sheets and includes wheel masks, plus masks for the interior and exterior of the canopy. An interior mask for the windscreen is also included. A small instruction sheet is also provided showing placement of each mask. The canopy masking is provided for the perimeter of the clear areas and the builder is required to provide supplemental masking either by tape or a masking fluid to protect the remaining areas. The windscreen masks cover the entire irregular shaped areas.

Each mask must be removed from the backer sheet using a pair of quality needle-nose tweezers, taking care not to stretch the mask while removing it. Following the masking instructions each individual mask is then placed on the appropriate clear plastic surface, using the raised canopy framing as a guide. Generally one corner or edge of the mask is set in place and the remainder of the mask is aligned with the canopy framing before the rest of the mask is set in place. If missaligned the mask can be gently lifted and adjusted as necessary. If is often helpful to burnish the edges of masks onto the surface. Once the painting has been completed the masks may be carefully removed from the surface by lifting a corner of the mask with a pointed hobby knife blade and pulled from the surface with the tweezers.

The Eduard masks generally do not leave adhesive residue on the surface of the clear parts. When completed the end result is a neatly painted canopy.


These masks, though a bit pricy will provide a nice, crisp painted edge on the clear parts and wheels. I recommend this pre-cut mask as a replacement for portions of the mask included with the kit for a more precise masking of the clears parts.

I wish to thank Eduard and IPMS USA for the opportunity to review this product. I am very impressed with this manufacturer's growing line of products. I have used many of them and never been disappointed in the quality or detail.


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