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All Current F-14 Tomcat models
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Furball Aero-Design has issued a new 1/48th scale sheet specifically for all the F-14 Tomcat models currently on the market. This sheet includes all the various stenciling and data which cover the plane on top/bottom and both sides. It includes both stencils for both the Gull Gray over white scheme, as well as, the Tactical Paint scheme and there are enough stencils to do both.

Inside the package, you will find a 3 x 6-inch decal sheet printed by Microscale and double-sided color instructions. This sheet has all the needed profiles to add the decals with one side being gray/white and the other tactical. Markings also include the drop tank, ejection seat and slime light decals. The decals are thin and well printed but as they say, the proof is in the pudding so I wanted to try these on the new Tamiya kit.

Applying these was as simple as decals can be. The carrier film is minimal and they release well but still give you time to position before grabbing. I used these for all the “No Step” warnings on the wings and not one silvered while using just Micro Set only. No Micro Sol was needed. The same is true of the larger decals such as intake warnings. They didn’t want to fold over and could be positioned with just water and a paint brush.

So to recap: great stencils and markings, superb application and fits multiple kits – for fans of the Tomcat, go get these now. The decals are much better than the kit supplied from any manufacturer and with this many markings, no silvering makes your modeling life simple. Highly recommended!

And FYI, the same wonderful decals are included in their marking sets like the Sundowners Anthology.

My thanks to the Furball Team for the opportunity to review this great item.


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