F-14 Pitot Tube and AOA Probe

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F-14 Tomcat
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I don't know how many models I have snapped pitot tubes off of – dozens? They seem to always be in the way. Put them on early to make sure they fit and risk breaking them completely, or put them on late and they don't seem to blend in well.

One trend lately is for manufacturers and the aftermarket companies to make these fragile parts out of metal – either turned brass or aluminum. For this set, the pitot tube is aluminum and the AOA probe is brass. Both are exquisite in their detail when compared to the kit parts.

Once installed, they will resist breaking for a long period of time.

For those of us with growing collections or having moved several times, parts like this are a godsend as they prevent breaking.

The parts are accurate, well made, very reasonably priced, and a snap to use. Recommended with no reservations!

My thanks to IPMS/USA and the fine people at Master-Models.


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