F-111E Upper Heyford Decal Sheet

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April 16, 2011
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The first order of business: Extreme thanks to Squadron Mail order/MMD for providing IPMS/USA yet another review item. These folks are one of the oldest and most well-known plastic model kit distributors in the world, and we appreciate their providing us with review items!

This sheet highlights one of my favorite aircraft; the “Aardvark”, or F-111. Designed for use on the new Hobbyboss kits, it would be equally at home on the Academy versions.

The markings on this sheet are for three aircraft of a unit that I used to track while assigned to 17th AF in Sembach, Germany; the 20th FW from Upper Heyford in the UK. They used to fly down and “practice bomb” us on occasion… quite a “free” airshow, and guaranteed to soil your pants if you didn’t see them coming in full afterburner.

This sheet features markings and nose art for three aircraft from the 77th Fighter Squadron: 68-069, “The Wild Hare”, 68-0059, “The Mad Bomber”, and 68-0049, “Gambler’s Last Deal”. The first two are standard black markings with nose art; the last features Red Markings in place of black.

This sheet was printed by Cartograf in Italy; nothing more to be stated there, excellent products. The lay down well, don’t stick to the backing sheet unless you don’t bother to soak them enough (a few seconds) and they adhere like paint on the finished surface.

Although I have not used the sheet (yet) I know from past experience silvering will be nonexistent over a gloss coat, and the decals are robust enough to deal with handling while sliding into position. The “glue” that the decal uses also does not tend to yellow, so you can count on your model being a showpiece for quite a few years.

The instruction sheet covers the marking choices very well, and provides painting and placement data. A major improvement over the old black and white “Guess where it goes” decal sheets of yore. Keep it up, Superscale!

All in all, a solid 10 for this sheet. Recommended


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