F-106 Delta Dart Landing Gear

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Trumpeter 1/48 F-106
Provided by: Scale Aircraft Conversions - Website: Visit Site

Yet another landing gear set from our friends at Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC). Like the other sets I’ve used these are an exact reproduction of the kit parts in white metal. My first impression every time I use SAC parts is they look rough in the package but are indistinguishable from the kit parts once painted and installed. This set is no different. I have to confess up front, I had started the kit before I saw this on the review list so I couldn’t use the whole set. The nose gear leg cannot be added after the fuselage is together so I missed the boat on that one. As for the main gear legs I decided to do one of each to see if any difference is apparent, there isn’t. I could go either way on this set. The real F-106 had a very robust landing gear design that Trumpeter has captured beautifully in plastic. In some ways the plastic has its advantages. Each gear leg is a multi-part assembly and the ability to manipulate the parts as the glue sets were a plus. Superglue on white metal doesn’t give you much time to adjust. However the metal parts have advantages too. In addition to the strength and weight of the parts, there are two other things I liked the metal for. There are holes in the retraction arms on the main gear and drilling out the metal made for very sharp detail. Parts that are chromed hydraulic cylinders on the real thing are easily replicated by removing the paint and burnishing the metal to shine. As expected these parts fit every bit as well as the plastic stock parts. The metal does bend on the thinner parts so handle them with care. In conclusion the plastic parts are excellently done OTB, but if you want to sharpen up the detail on the main gear and polish those hydraulics, this SAC set is the way to go.

Thank you to SAC for providing the sample of yet another fine product and to IPMS reviews squad for sending it my way.


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