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October 26, 2014
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Caracal Models continues its prodigious releases of superb decals with a Kittyhawk Models F-101 Voodoo. The decal set includes a large sheet with markings for four planes and stencils for one plane. The smaller second sheet is the needed stars and bars and a smaller yet third sheet has the corrected FB numbers for the bottom of the plane. The decals are perfectly printed by Cartograf and in register. Also included are beautifully printed full color instructions. If you have never used a Caracal sheet, this is one of their specialties in that each kit has a profile and shows much needed information to make sure they are placed correctly along with color call outs and tips on getting it just right! An example on these sheets the instructions for the fuel stencils being on one side only.

The sheet features markings for 4 different early Voodoos.

  • F-101A 54-1455, 81st TFW, RAF Bentwaters, 1961
  • F-101C 56-0020, 78th TFS/81st TFW, RAF Woodbridge, 1960
  • F-101A 53-2434, NACA
  • JF-101A 53-2426, "Operation Firewall" (world speed record attempt), 1957

One thing you will notice up front is that the first set of markings for the Bentwater plane are the same as the kit decals? Actually, they’re corrections to the kit decals. First, the kit decals have the FB numbers actually printed as FR numbers. The second issue is that the kit decals have the wing walks in dark gray while the correct color is closer to neutral gray. Another thing I really liked was that the red stripes were slightly long. This is so much better than the ones you fight to get the right length. I added these, let them dry and trimmed to the correct length. Easy and fits perfectly.

The markings are colorful but for me, the proof is in the use so I used the set on my build. The decals are thin, but tough, and plenty opaque. Because of the natural metal, Microset was avoided and as much water as possible used. The decals went on well with minimal issues and snuggled down. The one exception was the two wing walks. The water didn’t cut it and they dried not settled. I tried some Solvaset on a Q-tip. Eventually, my finagling cracked it. Since there is only one set, I contacted Caracal and got an answer almost immediately stating which colors to use to touch up the cracks. This was done and light flat misted over.

I am a fan! This is the third set of Caracal Decals I have used and they have all been fantastic. Well researched, perfectly printed and filling a void for people wishing to add the correct markings or a different set of markings to a kit. They are highly recommended to all Voodoo fans. You can buy them directly off of the Caracal site listed above. They have many more options and in different scale. Highly Recommended.

My thanks to Caracal Models and IPMS/USA for the chance to use this set on my Voodoo.


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