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Eduard continues to provide model builders with an ever-growing list of convenient pre-cut paint masks. JX 112 is designed to make life easier for those building either of Special Hobby’s two A5M2 kits. Like other Eduard mask sets, this one is made of Kabuki tape (similar to Tamiya’s masking tape) and contains precut masks for the kit’s windscreen and wheels. The masks will adhere well to any flat or curved surface, so masking is a breeze and they and can easily be removed after paining is completed. A simple instruction sheet is included to guide the masking process.

The masking material is not affected by any brand of hobby paints. Acrylics, Enamels and Lacquers can all be sprayed over them with no problem. Just be sure you press the edges uniformly to avoid any under spray and try to spray at a 90˚ angle from the masks. After the paint has had adequate time to dry, simply lift a corner of each mask with a blade or fine point tweezers and peal it away to leave a sharply defined edge. I have found that if you are careful and don’t tear or distort the mask, it can be placed back on the backing sheet and used on a second model (if you are the type of person who has more than one of the same kit in the works at the same time).

This set fits the kit parts perfectly. It was easy to align each mask with the surrounding frame on the windshield and press the edges with a toothpick to assure there would a sharply masked edge. The shapes are so accurate that I was able to place the precut oval opening for the gun site on the inside or the outside of the hole as a mask to protect the inside of the windscreen from any paint overspray. The wheel masks also fit the wheel rims exactly. I highly recommend this pre cut self-adhesive mask set to anyone who wants to speed up building his (or her) Special Hobby A5M-2 kit. It is a quick and easy way to handle the job of masking the kit’s windscreen and wheels.

Thank you to Eduard Hobby Accessories and IPMS/USA for this review sample.


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