English Electric Lightning Genesis and Projects

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Tony Wilson
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Softback, 116 pages with 80 illustrations
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This book covers the story of the development of one of Britain most famous Cold war fighters The English Electric Lightning. I become fascinated by this beautiful Cold War Icon when I was a child, and this was the front-line fighter for the RAF. The book is a incredibly deep dive into the design and development from the very beginning of the idea of a two engine cold war fighter plane.

The book is in two sections

  • Section 1 - Lightning Genesis
    • Chapter 1 - Origin and Initial Concepts
    • Chapter 2 - The procurement process and Environment
    • Chapter 3 - Configuration Development
    • Chapter 4 - Weapon Systems Development
  • Section 2 - Lightning Projects
    • Chapter 5 - What might have been (P6 & P8)
    • Chapter 6 - Early Development Proposals
    • Chapter 7 - Ground Attack
    • Chapter 8 - Export Proposals
    • Chapter 9 - Fighter Development
    • Chapter 10 - Variable Geometry Lightning

The book goes into extreme detail on the full history of the development and genesis of the Lightning.

I found this book fascinating and made me aware of a lot of facts I have never heard before when it comes to the development and prototype design. The writing style is clear and concise. The images included are all ones I have never seen before and really provide the book subject matter with awesome visual impact.

The first section of the book clearly defines the concepts and development of this iconic British Fighter and helps you understand how it became the shape and design that was the final production version.

The Second section covers the armament and variants as the fighter moved through the design and specification stages of the process. This was truly eye opening on how this armament played such a great role in the definition of the Aircrafts performance and shape.

The book is full of details that really make reading it very informative. This gave me a very expanded view of one of my favorite aircraft which I has though I knew well when in fact there is so much more as this book shows.

I recommend this book to everyone with an interest in the Soviet Tanks and military history.

Thanks go to Casemate for providing this book to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them


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