The "Einheits-Diesel" WW2 German Trucks

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November 10, 2018
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Alan Ranger
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80 pages, B&W Photos, paperback, 8.3x11.7 inches
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Camera on 06
Provided by: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site
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This photo album is packed with 120 photos and is part of MMP books Camera On series of photo books. Author Alan Ranger uses photos taken by regular German soldiers of vehicles both before and during the WW2. Ranger attempts to show a more personal view of the vehicles through the eyes of the soldiers that lived and worked with the Einheits Diesels. The photos are all in black and white and many have only recently become available. The photographs are in most cases clear, but many are low contrast, typical of personal photos of the time.

In the Introduction Ranger provides a nice background on development of the Einheits Diesel, which developed from a vehicle standardization in 1933. The Einheits were produced by 9 different manufacturers, with most built by Bussing Nag, Vomag, MAN, and Borgward. Over 12,000 Einheits were produced during the war, and the book provides a chart showing the many variations of the vehicle. Many of the Einheits were transferred to the Eastern front for the invasion of Russia, but by the winter of 1941 many were lost due to lack of trained operators and poor maintenance. The vehicle had a reputation for high maintenance, and by the end of the war the few vehicles still in service were considered obsolete.

The book's photographs are grouped in two sections:

  • Standard Truck Versions
  • Closed Box Body Versions

Many of the photos show the Einheits being repaired, transported, with crews, and in different terrain conditions. Several different configurations of the many Einheit’s variations are also illustrated. The photos illustrate many possibilities for interesting dioramas, and the crew images and backgrounds present great modeling possibilities.

The book is a great visual resource for the Einheits Diesel and has lots of ideas to inspire modelers. Modelers looking for interesting WW2 soft skin German vehicles will enjoy this photo book.

Thanks to MMP for publishing the book, and to Casemate for providing the review sample.


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