Eight Gun Melody (Part II) – Republic P-47D Thunderbolts

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The second Republic P-47D Thunderbolt decal set recently released by A.M.D.G. Decals is #A48-006. It provides markings for one Razorback and three Bubbletop P-47Ds from four different fighter groups flying in the European theater. If a Thunderbolt is not already on your bucket list, this set may force you to reconsider the omission. As a matter of fact, it may motivate you to pencil in more than one P-47 project because all four schemes are very tempting candidates, and this set provides everything needed to complete each of the tempting subjects.

‘Everything’ in A.M.D.G. Decals’ vocabulary means ‘Everything’. There are two decal sheets in this set and they are packed with about as much as anyone could hope for (See the photo below to verify that). Bundled with the decalsheets are complete full color instructions for placing the decals, detailed painting information, kit recommendations, list of references and a separate sheet with a very comprehensive historical narrative for each aircraft and information about the pilot who flew it.

The decals are crisply printed on thin film. The colors are vivid and opaque, and everything is well registered. The black checkerboard patternfor the cowl and red stripes for the tail surfaces are designed to be applied over a painted base color,and various multi-color markings are provided in separate layers for the modeler to register over one another. Each of the markings is clearly tagged with numbers that coincide with those on the instruction sheet for accurate placement.The huge open mouth nose art for P-47D #22 is provided in multiple parts that will require some careful placement. The decals provide the teeth and black outline so, before applying them, the modeler will need to mask and paint the red area that the decals are to be placed over...probably the most challenging part of the task when finishing this model.

A.M.D.G. Decals’ website provides modelers with an idea of the company’s dedication to quality, accuracy and completeness…a philosophy that includes commemorating the pilots, their planes, their units and their history. As the photos below show, a complete foldout instruction sheet and supplement are included that reflect this philosophy. The instruction sheets are printed on both sides and not only provide full-color profile and plan view illustrations for each subject covered in the set with very comprehensive painting guidelines, but also provide guidelines for painting invasion stripes and include specific details about each aircraft along with considerable historical information about the plane and its pilot, unit, location and date. Added to this are photo-references notes and kit recommendations.

Markings are provided for the following aircraft:

  • P-47D-15-RE s/n: ??-78973, 22flown by Lt. Riley “Mo” Stewart, 525th FS/86th FG, inGrossetto, Italy, Italy (October, 1944)
  • P-47D-25-RE s/n: 42-26455, ‘Maggie’ flown by Lt. Kenneth “ChooChoo” Chetwood, 350th FS/353rd FG, at Raydon, UK (June, 1944)
  • P-47D-25-RE s/n: 42-26651, QI_R flown by Lt. James Thorne, 361st FS/356th FG, at Martelsham Heath, UK (August, 1944)
  • P-47D-28-RE s/n: 44-20118, ‘Uncle Tom’s CABIN’ flown by Lt. Thomas E. Bowers, 65th FS/ 57th FG, in Grossetto, Italy (March, 1945)

Currently, these sets are available in 1:48 scale only. But A.M.D.G. Decals advises they have plans to eventually release their sets in 1:72, 1:32 & 1:24 scale.

A.M.D.G. Decals can be ordered directly through the manufacturer’s website or purchased from multiple retailers that are listed on A.M.D.G. Decals’ website.

This set is highly recommended. My thanks to A.M.D.G. Decals for providing the review sample and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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