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Thanks to Plus Model for sending this excellent and very unique diorama accessory from the Easy Line product series for review and thank you IPMS Reviewer Corps for letting me review it! I am very appreciative of the chance to contribute back to the scale-modeling community. I had a great time building a very well done “micro” kit that was nothing short of pure fun.

Parts for the old-style movie camera are crisply molded in gray resin with pour stubs conveniently located for holding during painting if desired and nearly-effortless subsequent removal. Some of the 10 parts had minor flash or seepage, but the excess material was very thin and was removed without any trouble at all. The instruction sheet shows basic assembly, but not much instruction is really needed. There is not a great deal to say about the minimal assembly in any great detail, other than there was very little preparation to do on the parts before painting. The very light flash peeled off very easily, leaving only a light molding line on the parts, a line easily chased off with the tip of a No. 11 blade.

I found that a simple jig helped greatly with assembling the tripod legs to the tripod top and camera swivel base, part 5. Another suggestion is to drill small holes in or through part 5, part 9 and the bottom of part 1, to allow a wire or pin insert to help with alignment and strength. Of course I thought this was good idea after completion. I do recommend that slow CA glue be used so that you can tweak and adjust the parts to look their best. All of the eye-catching details, like the eyepiece, the turret lens, and the adjustable lens shade, fit into place with minimal trimming and fitting.

I painted the camera with Vallejo acrylics, mixing a succession of brown tones to create a wood grain appearance on the tripod legs. The main camera body was painted in faded black, with lightly dry-brushed silver highlights and the panning handle was done in leather. I thought it might be a nice touch to add some celluloid “curls” to represent escaping film, but I was unable to find anything that would work.

I highly recommend this accessory piece. I really had fun with this camera, with its simple construction and just-enough challenge. The result is a very nice eye-catching addition to the collection. I am certainly looking at Plus Models for other products to use. Thank you again to Plus Model for sending this cool old time movie camera for review, and thank you IPMS Reviewer Corps for letting me review it!


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