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We never know what surprises Plus Model will spring on us. This little gem is one of those fun details that modelers will want to work into a diorama somehow. Plus Model has introduced a sturdier packaging system, and all the pieces are well protected by a hard plastic shell. The kit contains 3 parts in gray resin, and 14 laser cut pieces on two sheets of thin hardwood, and it builds up into a doghouse with dog.

The resin pieces are a nicely detailed German Shepherd-type dog. I had to fill in some gaps around the neck and tail. The doghouse has a framework of slightly heavier wood and lighter wood for the floor, sides, and roof.

Begin by cutting the wood parts out – use a very sharp knife or a saw. I broke a couple of the narrow braces, but these were easy fixes. Keep the scrap wood parts, they can be used in dioramas. Using white glue, attach the frames to the sides of the house, and after these have set, glue the sides together on the floor. The roof is carefully folded in the middle and sits on the peak of the house. I did not glue the roof on yet, since you can see inside the house and it needs some paint or stain as well as a blanket or straw on the floor. To finish off the assembly, there are three plaques with a dog’s name to mount on the front – Rex, Bobik or Alik, I chose Alik.

I liked the bare wood finish, so I added a stain of dirty thinner to make the wood look weathered. I used a darker stain on the roof, and also used some pastels randomly, and what I wound up with was a dirty, bare wood little place that Alik could call home.

Alik himself needed a little cleanup with a file, then he got a shot of white primer and a coat of Testors’ Wood, a tan color that makes a good base coat. Then I mixed white with the Wood and painted his legs, underside, and face. It helps to have a good picture of a dog when doing this. Then I mixed black with the tan to make the gradual change to black, and finally straight black on the dog’s back. Also, the mouth, eyes and nose will be black. You can blend the fur coat a little more with drybrushing or washes.

So, try something a little different. The dog and doghouse can be used in a number of settings: a farm, a motor pool or shop, in any era from WW II to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Have fun with this one. Thanks to Plus Model and IPMS/USA for the review kit.


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