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32107 and 32108
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HK Models
Company: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
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Master Models of Poland has issued two sets of upgrade sets for the two currently released 1/32 scale D0-335 kits from HK Models. Set 32107 is specifically made for the D0-335A and includes the blast tube for the nose cannon, top mounted MG151 machine gun barrels, pitot tube and the IFF FuG 25A antennae which is not included in the kit. Set 32108 is for the B-2 heavy armament version and includes all of the 32107 set plus two barrels and muzzles for the wing mounted cannons.


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Lets first look at the parts which are similar in both sets; the blast guard for the cannon is beautifully made and is a drop in part. The pitot tube is much finer in detail than the kit part and the instructions show the location well. The IFF 25A is perfect with excellent detail and only requires a hole be drilled and then glue in place. The MG151 machine guns slide into place also and have as much more finished appearance than the kit parts.

Set 32108 also include new barrels and muzzles for the two “heavy armament wing guns”. Assembly is simple, attach the muzzles and glue into place following the instructions.

One note about the instructions. They are very well detailed showing exact locations and with measurements where needed.

Two excellent sets and you can pick the one needed for the version being made. In summary, great detail, very reasonable cost and easy to use. Most highly recommended. In fact, you'll see the parts on the new HK Models Do335 B-6 as soon as the review is done.

My thanks to Master Model and IPMS/USA for the chance to review these.


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