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HK DO-335 B-2
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IPMS/USA yet again sends regards to Piotr at Master Model for supporting the IPMS USA reviewer corps with yet one more of his turned metal and resin accessory releases, which are the gold-standard for those who do a lot of model building. And thanks to IPMS leadership for sending it to me to be reviewed.

This set takes the ante up on the previously reviewed AM-32-107 set… included in the -108 version is the brass machine work on the two MG 151 cannon, the very delicate pitot tube and IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) FuG 25 antenna, and also the MG-103 cannon in brass, as well as a brass blast tube for the centerline “through the engine shaft” cannon; more jewels appear in the form of what appears to be CAD machine-printed resin muzzle brakes for the MG-103.

The detail on the muzzle brakes is absolutely astounding, and having built several Master model sets with resin, I can account for the delicate but strong nature of the resin. The blast vents on the brake are astounding in their detail, and these have to be seen to be believed. Not something I can carve out of resin or other material myself, I have to think this is the ultimate technology for our future model parts. Whether or not it can be affordable as a full-up model is a discussion for another time or place…

Then again we live in a age of metalworking (and other material) magic.

Certainly this set fits a niche that is difficult to otherwise fill. Containing the seven aforementioned metal and two resin parts, this set is worth investing in for the realism and delicacy (Not to mention the strength and resiliency) of brass and the impressive appearance and delicacy of resin for our models.

If you own any of the HK DO-335 models, I highly recommend this set be acquired, as it adds just that special touch to the final product. Primer, paint black for the cannon and silver/camo for the pitot and antenna, drill the holes in the required locations and add as a final step, and be done.

Master makes available for sale a blackening agent to finish these barrels, but I have not used it as I use other etching methods for brass that seems to work. In a pinch, black metal primer spray also works, and polishes out nicely to a semi-gloss metallic gun-like sheen.

My usual admonition to “be careful with your eyes and fingers” apply to these strengthened items…

Again, thanks to Piotr at Master for providing us the set, and John and Phil to forwarding for review.


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