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In recent years Tamiya has expanded their model line to include finishing supplies like panel line accents, diorama materials, decal setting solutions, etc.

This particular review will cover the following decal setting solutions :

Like all decal solutions, and most modeling supplies, make sure you use them in a well ventilated area. While the Mark Fit solution is not that smelly, the Mark Fit Strong has a strong vinegar smell and both have a warning about fumes being dangerous.

Based on the instructions for both solutions they instruct you to apply the decal as always, and once you blotted the water off, to put some of the setting solution on top of the decal (you are even provided with a small brush in the cap), and to not touch the decal until fully dry.

I tried the setting solution in Cartograf-printed decals, Tauro-printed decals and two sets of Eduard-printed decals. In all cases I applied a coat of the regular solution, and again after 24 hrs, and only if needed a coat of the strong solution. Below are my observations:

  • Tauro decals: (Smoke ring). They needed both the regular and the strong solution. They settle down after the strong solution. No adverse effect observed.
  • Cartograf: Italian marking. They settled down nicely with just the regular solution. No adverse effect observed.
  • Eduard-printed: (German marking). They settle down well with the regular solution. I gave it just a light touch of the strong solution on top of the panel line. No adverse effect observed. Please note that the “broken” part of the marking is intentional. The missing section is actually clear and completely invisible once settled.
  • Eduard-printed: (American marking). Sadly this one wrinkled and lifted when the strong solution was applied, but not with the regular sollution. However the regular one was not strong enough for the decal to fully settle in the recessed panel lines.

I am not really sure what happened with the American marking (Eduard-printed, weekend edition), as the other Eduard-printed decal had no adverse effect.

When compared with other decal setting solutions and in my subjective opinion, the strength of these decal solutions would be, from weakest to strongest: Tamiya Mark Fit (regular); Micro-Set; Micro-Sol; Tamiya Mark Fit (strong); Solvaset. I could easily be talked into swapping the order of Micro-Sol and Tamiya Mark Fit (strong). They are somewhat similar in strength. This opinion is based on previous experience with the above mentioned decal setting solutions, and other decals from the listed manufacturers.

In summary, these two decal solutions are very useful supplies to have in your bench. They work well and perform as advertised. As always, and based on my experience, test the solution and the decal set on a spare part before committing to the model.

Recommended to modelers of all skill levels.

I would like to thank Tamiya USA and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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