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September 9, 2014
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I wanted a small pickup to haul around some of my resin parts and got a real winner with Revell’s Datsun Off-Road Pickup. Very little flash and the parts fit very well together. The instructions are a 12 page document that provides the part number with a description and a chart showing what part should be painted what color.

  • Engine: The engine is only a little 4 banger with no speed parts. It fits together very well. I thought about installing a V8 but decided against it because of the chassis.
  • Chassis: The chassis is only fair on details with the exhaust molded in. That meant no V8 for me because of the extensive work it would have required to remove and cover.
  • Interior: The door panels are fairly well engraved but leave something to be desired. The redeeming factor is that the parts fit very well.
  • Body: The Datsun body looks to be proportioned very well. Fender flares are molded on. After priming the body with Duplicolor black sandable primer, I shot a few coats of HOK burgundy kandy on the body. A coat of Nason 2 part urethane clear went over everything. Only a little bit of wet sanding and polishing with Novus #2 was necessary before applying a coat of The Treatment Model Car Wax. The box was shot with Rustoleum Texture paint to give the appearance of a spray-on bedliner.

Revell has done an outstanding job of recreating a very popular pickup truck. Thank you to IPMS for the opportunity to build and review a marvelous kit.


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