Dangerous Curves Series - Sloane, Vegas Baby

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June 26, 2017
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Masterbox Models in the Ukraine has been at the forefront of the figure end of the modeling business for some time now, never fearing to take some interesting chances on the market. This latest series of figures, designed to accompany most car models with some lovely ladies, has been no exception.

Of all model companies which produce figures, Masterbox may have a truly unique approach. In most companies, sculptors produce the master figures, and illustrators paint their renditions for the box art. Masterbox, on the other hand, has illustrators create paintings of interesting figures and scenarios and the sculptors follow behind, making the three dimensional renderings afterwards. This one fact may explain why Masterbox figures are so innovative – post apocryphal figures, pinups, fantasy pieces and dramatic combat dioramas unrivaled in the industry. It also explains why the three dimensional renderings are sometimes just a little different from the illustrations. In this case, the neckline of the dress and the hairstyle are a bit different between the illustration and the figure sculpt.

For the most part, this particular model is a fairly straight build, comprising only ten pieces. The torso (or “dress” to be more specific) is in two halves. The toughest seam is at the shoulders, where three pieces all meet for each arm. I have to admit that I probably could have done a better job here myself, so be sure and take your time with the sanding and filling here. The hair also comes in three pieces, which fit together surprisingly well.

After that, it's all painting. One of the fun aspects of this kit is that you can paint her just about any way you wish. I had just completed a model of the old Amtronic, and was looking for someone suitable to pose with it, so I opted for a sort of “welcome to the future” retro-60's look to her dress, which I must admit looks the way I was hoping for.

There really isn't any way to screw this one up, and like the other lovely ladies in the series, she really enhances your car display. Kudos once again to Masterbox for their innovative figures. My thanks, of course, to Masterbox for having the nerve to come out with this excellent figure and to IPMS/USA for giving me a chance to assemble and paint it.


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