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And now.. Something completely different!

I volunteered for this kit without knowing anything about it, never seen one nor heard of it. I am glad I did, this has got to be one of the most enjoyable models I have ever built, and what makes it so nice I can PLAY with it!

The kit comes package in a nice sturdy box with each tree in a separate package. There are 2 parts tree, a motor and a shaft. The instructions are quite adequate for assembly. There are no painting or decal instruction because neither are required. You do get an operating insert that is helpful. The plastic is brown with a wood grain pattern.

After going over the instruction sheet, I thought, can't be too bad. So I started one of my favorite movies "Battle of Britain", to watch while I worked. The kit is so easy I didn't even get to the first aerial dogfight sequence. It took all of 20 minutes. No glue, No putty, No painting, No scratch building or conversion, what a pleasure. It is a snap together kit and every part fit like it was suppose to and didn't fall apart. I dropped the kit on my way to testing it and it held together.

The rudder is adjustable to stay in a fixed position, which I like very much. The paddles are also adjustable. You can set them from a low, to medium to high position. This sets the depth of the paddle to the water. I set mine in the low position. I did a float test in the sink and everything look good. Now for the big test.

I set the rudder to do a hard starboard turn. Wound the motor up as per instructions, and placed it in the pool. Off it went doing about a 4 foot diameter circle. The next test was how far will it go. Set the rudder to the center position, wound it up and off it went. My pool is 30 ft in length and it made it the entire way on a straight course, with a little power to spare for docking.

If you want to try something different and quite enjoyable I would highly suggest this kit. If you want to build something with the young ones that won't break the bank. Again, highly suggested.

Thank you IPMS USA and Academy for giving me the enjoyment in building this superb kit for review.


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