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The genius of Leonardo Da Vinci goes without saying. His inventions and ideas were years ahead of his time. Many of the things we take for granted today are based on his thoughts and visions. This kit is the newest in Academy’s Da Vinci Machine Series. The Da Vinci Clock uses weights to power a horizontal pendulum. This is a snap together kit. No glue or paint is needed. Parts separate from the sprues easily and parts cleanup is quick and easy. The parts fit was spot on and once pressed together the assembly was tight and firm. Some care is needed when placing the various gears to ensure proper placement. The instructions are clear and show how it all goes together.

The clock obtains its power from weights. There is a small cup that holds a number of coins. I used quarters based on the size of the cup. Speed of the clock can be adjusted by the number of coins used as well as adjusting the round weights on the horizontal pendulum bar. Another option is making it a desk top clock or a wall hung clock.

The kit engineering is really nice. This was a fun build that took me only 30 minutes to complete. It is a perfect kit to build with your kids. It’s fun to put together and when completed, they can wind it and watch it work.

I would like to thank Academy Models, Model Rectifier Corporation and the IPMS USA for the chance to review this fine kit.

Highly recommended.


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