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August 15, 2015
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This bridge kit is part of Academy’s nine kit series of models of Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions. These kits are simple assembly with a limited number of parts, but are good instructional models exploring Da Vinci’s inventions.

The kit does not require any painting or cements for construction.

The arch bridge designed by Leonardo Da Vinci uses a self-supporting arch concept to distribute weight through the full curve of the arch.

The plastic parts are molded in brown plastic and include three plastic sprues plus 2 base pieces. The kit includes 24 plastic parts, instructions, and a lightweight cardboard box to store the parts. The kit has two levels of assembly, Elementary and Advanced depending upon the span length of the bridge. The instructions include some information about bridge types and design.

No cement is required for assembly. The poles are interlocked with each other starting from one side to create the arch for the bridge, and then the planks for the walking surface are installed. Assembly took about 15 minutes, which included two collapses of the structure. It is stable when completed, but is a house of cards getting there.

I did manage to get all of the parts into the storage box, but it may not have been the way Leonardo intended.

The kit is rated for ages 14 and up, possibly due to the dexterity required balancing the logs during assembly. I think younger kids could attempt the bridge. It would be a nice learning experience on bridge construction and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Thanks to MRC for providing the review sample.


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