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This is the latest in large-scale figure kits from Moebius Models. Parts number is actually unknown (I forgot to count and it isn't listed on the box), but it consists of 13 sprues molded in light grey and the clear eye lens. The instruction manual is styled after printouts in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series with the cropped corners, rounding out this excellent kit from fans, for fans.

The kit is well-detailed, and assembly is not a problem for advanced modelers. However, there are a few transposed part numbers in the instructions that could cause some confusion for an intermediate modeler. It is important to keep the parts for the right and left limbs separate, since the pose is static. The pose could be changed with a bit of cutting and pinning, but I did not change the pose on my build. The only way I discovered to build this kit is by assembling and painting the inner and outer body panels separately, then assembling everything once the sub-assemblies were dry. This causes panel lines and gaps which, at first glance, seem out of place, but research into the Season 4 DVDs revealed that these are the locations where the series' CGI body panels fit as well.

From other reviews I have read, it appears that the current aftermarket electronic "roving eye" kits produced for Moebius' earlier Cylon Raider kit is very compatible with this kit. I did not add electronics, but I painted my roving eye – but, unfortunately, it does not show up well with the reflective finish.

I painted my Centurion with German-made Scmincke Air Professional acrylics. I chose these colors purely for the opalescent Brilliant Silver (outside body panels) and Dark Ice (inside body parts) colors. I liked the finish and natural reflectivity of these paints so well that I decided against any further weathering or shading. Usually when working in miniature, light does not create shadow and highlight, so you have to fool they eye with paint layers. Not the case with these metallic acrylics.

I finished the base with Badger Minitaire acrylics and Ghost Tint washes. Because of the possible complications with the pose and part number juxtaposition, I would only recommend this kit for advanced modelers, but it is a wonderful kit nonetheless, definitely worth the extra preparation and planning. If you are looking for a large, challenging kit, the work is definitely worth the reward.

Many thanks to Moebius Models and IPMS-USA for the review kit.


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