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There’s always been a soft spot in my heart for ’69 Corvettes. I don’t know why, but maybe because they look so darn sexy.


We have a 427ci engine under the hood with 3 2 barrel carbs. There’s also an option for a single 4 barrel and different air cleaner. That chrome triangle looks better than a round semi-gloss black thing.


Door panel and dash engraving was very crisp and easy to detail paint. Side panels are separate pieces which makes for easier painting. The interior is also flocked. There are no options for the interior. You can make only a stock interior.


Smooth, crisp lines and no flash. Just the way I like it. Couple of options are available here. You can mount at luggage rack to the rear deck. You can mount a single rear view mirror or matching dual mirrors. You can mount chrome side rocker panels or leave them off and run the outside exhaust. The instructions call for mounting the stock underside exhaust but don’t mention that you have to cut out the rear panel to accept the chrome trim. Since I planned on the side exhaust, I didn’t have to be concerned with the stock exhaust and cutting the body. Instrad of using the normal Bare Metal Foil for the minimal chrome trim, I tried the new Molotow chrome pens. I think it worked pretty well. I painted the body with House of Color zenith gold with a 2 part urethane clear.


What’s there is there. The only option is stock exhaust under the car or using the side exhausts.


The instructions are several pages long with suggested paint color for specific parts and a numbered list to tell you what part is what .

I really enjoyed this Revell ’69 Corvette kit. Flash is non-existent and everything fits the way it should. Thank you to Revell for sending this great review item, and IPMS for allowing me to review this kit.


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