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AM 72-124
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Hasegawa and others
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Master-Model produces precision brass/resin parts that will elevate your model when used as directed This time Master-Model has produced a detail set for the 1/72 P-40 E thru N models that includes brass gun barrels, external backup gun sights and pitot tube. The packaging is very good to separate and contain the tiny parts provided. The package contains a tightly folded instruction sheet on one side, on the other is a plastic bag with the parts. Each type of parts are sealed separated from the others to keep any lost to a minimum. The only fault one might find is that the dimensions for drilling the holes are in the metric system and not the English system that we use, but one can convert these to the English system without too much of a bother.

For this review I used the Hasegawa 1/72 P-40E Warhawk kit #02561, At101, 1994. I started with the wings taping the upper and lower pieces together. I then cut off the plastic gun tubes and used a #55 drill (.056) to drill a hole for each tube. I then inserted the brass gun tubes using the instruction sheet as a guide for how far the tubes stuck out of the wings. When that was done the plastic pitot tube was cut off and I used a #76 drill (.0196) to drill out a hole for the brass pitot tube. Master-Model gives you a choice of a British or American type of resin pitot head. Chose the one for the plane you're modeling and attach it to the brass tube using some CA. Then when that's cured you can attach the pitot tube into the wing.

The last parts to install are the external backup gun sights. The rear sight is provided as PE, in fact you are provided four of them as they are small and can be easily lost in separating it from the sheets. Once removed you need to use a #80 drill to drill a hole in the upper fuselage just in front of the windshield, just to the left of the center line. The instruction sheet clearly shows where and how to go about that. A second #80 hole will be needed for the forward front bead sight. This is a very small and thin brass part and you better be very careful in handling it as you only have one of these I used some thin CA to bound these parts to the plastic.

That concludes all the Master-Model parts for the P-40 E-N versions.

I found the brass and resin parts easy to work with and the brass blast tubes really do make the model look much better. I can highly recommend this detail set to anyone who wants to upgrade his P-40 E-N kit

I want to thank Master-Model and IPMS/USA for permitting me the opportunity to do this review.


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