Cross & Cockade International, Spring 2014 - Vol. 45/1

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Cross & Cockade International is the quarterly publication of a non-profit organization known as The First World War Aviation Historical Society. The UK based organization has been publishing these journals since 1970 with the objective of furthering the study of First World War Aviation History. The first journal of 2014; Volume 45/1 (Spring 2014) features a beautiful cover painting by David Ellwood of a Phoenix P.5 Cork flying boat “Rattling the Rivets of a German U boat. The Phoenix P.5 Cork is the subject of a 19-page feature article that kicks things off, but this quarterly journal, much like all C&CI journals, also covers a variety of other well-researched WWI subjects in a highly professional manner.

Following an Editorial page, the contents includes:

  • Phoenix P.5 Cork: by Colin Owers
  • Some Incidents from Geoffrey de Havilland’s Career: by Paul Hare
  • The RAF BE6: by Paul Hare
  • Notes on the Morane Parasol: via Trevor Henshaw
  • Gazetteer of Flying Sites, part seventeen: Rol to Shi: by Mick Davis and Bill Morgan
  • Sammy: Lt MS Taylor 209 Squadron: by Stewart Taylor
  • Atlas of German – LVG: by Paul Leaman
  • Logbook: Moranes in RFG Service Part 2: by Mick Davis and Trevor Henshaw

Within the full color covers of this journal are 76 pages that include more than 120 B&W period photographs, numerous maps, many line drawings and technical renderings of aircraft with scrap details that compliment a well-documented historical narrative covering each subject. Also, of particular interest to model builders, the inside and outside back covers of Vol. 45/1 provide beautifully rendered 4-view full color renderings of Sopwith Camels in Naval 9 markings that illustrate those discussed in the ‘Sammy: Lt MS Taylor 209 Squadron‘ article. This journal of Cross & Cockade International is further testimony to the society’s commitment to publishing accurate and thorough information about their reason for being. It is an informative read that begs the reader to settle in for a pleasant education.

This journal also includes a further fold-out full color selection of A2 Ordnance Survey maps of WW1 vintage, marked up with the location of all sites of WW1 aviation interest. This insert includes pages 5 & 6 of the series. When complete, this series of high quality maps will cover the whole of the UK and Ireland.

This publication is highly recommended to those with a serious interest in WWI aviation or those who would like to become serious about the subject. Each volume provides comprehensive information on myriad WWI aviation subjects. My thanks to The First World War Aviation Historical Society for providing the publication sample and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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