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Mick Davis - Managing Editor
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Autumn 2018, Volume 49, Issue 3
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The latest journal of Cross & Cockade International - Autumn 2018, features a front cover photograph of Jean Chaput in front of his Nieuport 11, N940. This color 1916 photograph was based on the Autochrome technology developed by the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière. The inside rear cover features color illustrations by Juanita Franzl of Lt. Dawson’s and Lt N. E. Williams’ Ship’s Camels. The outside rear cover features color illustrations by David Méchin of Jean Chaput’s aircraft. If you check out the web site link above, you can get additional sample pics of the current issue.

Cross & Cockade International is a non-profit UK based group known as the First World War Aviation Historical Society that publishes their journal four times a year. They also provide a free newsletter (sign up on their website) and occasionally publish WWI themed books like the Sopwith Dolphin monograph I reviewed earlier for IPMS USA. This Journal is the sister of the US Journal, Over The Front.

Paul Hare leads off with Captain C. A. H. Longcroft: His Long-Range Flights, a biography on one of the most proficient cross country pilots with the RFC. Paul does an excellent job of chronicling Longcraft’s record breaking flights all the way up to his last flight of November 21, 1913. This flight lasted over seven hours and covered 630 miles, although the record established was for a straight line distance between Montrose and Farnborough of 455 miles. He was awarded the Royal Aero Club’s Britannia Trophy and had none other than Winston Churchill presenting him the award.

Ian Burns follow up with Part Two of "Some Raid That, By Cripes!, a major feature on the famous Tondern Raid of July 19, 1918. The Tondern raid was the first attack in history utilizing carrier based aircraft as seven Camels departed the HMS Furious. Part Two follows up from last issue’s background with the actual raid and its aftermath. This second part covers 28 pages and includes 46 black and white photographs along two black and white maps. An appendix details the bomb carriers and bombs followed by the article’s sources and notes.

David Méchin chimes in with an interesting biography of Jean Chaput, complete with period photographs, drawings, and maps. Four color profiles, along with scrap drawings are supplemented with the four profiles on the back cover of the aircraft that Chaput flew. Chaput claimed a total of 22 victories (confirmed and un-confirmed) before finally being shot down by a Fokker Dr. I on May 6, 1918 in his SPAD S.VII after the engine had stalled.

Stewart K. Taylor chimes in with the first part of a biography of Lt James Archibald McGinnis and his Canadian colleagues in 27 Squadron RFC/RAF. Another feature article, comprising 23 pages and 31 period black and white photographs. Notable is the inclusion of several first person accounts.

Barry Gray chimes in with Part Two of his new series that describes German hangars and aeroplane sheds, this issue featuring the “Type A” Aeroplane Shed. Beautifully clear period photographs are supplemented with line drawings that include dimensions.

Joe Moran continues with his Modeling feature. This month he focuses in on a Fly 1/48 Roland D.VIA. bringing a full build review. Joe has also volunteered to start reviewing kits for the Cross & Cockade website to generate additional traffic. Make sure you check it out! A standard feature, Logbook, is absent this issue, but Mick Davis' Fabric is present and accounted for providing supplemental information for Volume 49, Issue 1. The Bookshelf section is a review of WWI aviation specific books and magazines with this issue totaling fourteen.


  • Editorial by Mick Davis
  • Captain C. A. H. Longcroft: His Long-Range Flights by Paul R. Hare [Page 167]
  • Some Raid That, By Cripes! Part 2 by Ian Burns [Page 181]
  • Jean Chaput: A Biography by David Méchin [Page 198]
  • In Good Company: Lieutenant James Archibald McGinnis...Part 1 by Stewart K. Taylor [Page 222]
  • German Hangers and Aeroplane Sheds Part Two by Barry Gray [Page 233]
  • Fabric: Queries and Feedback compiled by Mick Davis
  • Modelling: New Releases and Kit Reviews: compiled by Joe Moran
  • Bookshelf

This is another great issue from Cross & Cockade and I continue to be impressed with the quality of the articles, both from a research perspective and readability. The period pictures, maps, and drawings in this journal come off looking great thanks to their printing on the journal's glossy paper. If you are into early / WWI aviation; this journal is an incredible source of information that will have you on the edge of your seat for the next issue. My thanks to Cross & Cockade International and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this great issue.

Highly recommended!


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