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The latest journal of Cross & Cockade International is Autumn 2014. It is the third of four journals that make up Volume 45. C&C I is the quarterly publication of a non-profit UK based organization known as The First World War Aviation Historical Society. This organization has been publishing these journals since 1970 with the objective of furthering the study of First World War Aviation History. This journal continues the organization’s mission by providing a wealth of information on varied WWI aviation subjects…this time venturing into the realm of WWI Italian aviation before covering a substantial number of more typical Allied and Axis subjects. The cover of this journal features a painting by Ken Farmer of a pair of First Section AnsaldoSVAson patrol. It serves as a precursor to the lead six-page article about the missions flown by the Ansaldo First Section.

Following an Editorial page that explains the need to raise next year’s publication subscription price, the contents of this journal includes:

  • Bombing Missions Flown by the 1st SVA Section from Sovizzo
  • Carrying On Up the Khyber; Operating the BE2 on the NW Frontier
  • Avro Types 502 & 503; Floatplanes and their German Derivatives
  • Port Meadow; a Peaceful Spot
  • Gazetteer of Flying Sites, Part Nineteen; Sto to Tor
  • 23 SqnSPADs; the AW Keen Photo Collection
  • Atlas of German Seaplanes – Gotha, part two
  • Logbook; Moranes in RFC Service Part 4
  • Desert Airman; Sgt. RW Forder, X Flight, 14 Sqn.
  • A French Collection (Photo Feature)
  • Subjective Impressions of the National Archives

Also included are the regular Fabric, Recce and Bookshelf columns and a back cover sepia-tone vintage photo of the prototype Seedoppeldecker and a color photo of a preserved Ansaldo SVA 5.

Another foldout insert is also included in this journal that provides a further selection of A2 Ordnance Survey maps(of WW1 vintage), marked up with the location of all sites of WW1 aviation interest. This foldout includes sheets9 & 10 in the series(When complete, this series of high quality maps will cover the whole of the UK and Ireland).

This publication is highly recommended to those with a serious interest in WWI aviation or anyone who would like to become serious about the subject. Four of these Journals make up an entire Volume and each volume provides comprehensive information on myriad WWI aviation subjects. My thanks to The First World War Aviation Historical Society for providing the publication sample and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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