Cross and Cockade, “the Journal of the Great War Aviation Society, Spring 2023 Vol. 54/1 Magazine

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Spring 2023 Vol. 54/1

First, I must express sincere appreciation to the editors of Cross and Cockade; IPMS USA sincerely appreciate your provision of a great read.

I decided since I am closet WWI interest-type individual, (when Stationed in Germany I visited Verdun at least 10 times…) I might as well do some reading on “The Great War”.

The society itself has developed a large following (based on people who know more than I) and is considered “the go-to place” to research details on WWI aviation. They are set up with memberships, not storefront operations. Their website also has a plethora of books and resources for research.

From their website:

“Welcome to the web site of The Great War Aviation Society!

The purpose of the society (previously known as Cross & Cockade International) is to provide quality detailed information on, and promote research into, all aspects of aviation up to the end of the First World War. We do this primarily through our quarterly journal (still called "Cross & Cockade") which is available by subscription, and by occasional seminars and informal local meetings. The Society has existed in its present form since 1970 and in various forms since 1960.”

This magazine surprised me with the wealth of detail and information on some of the operations which would otherwise would probably not see the light of day. Much of it would be of interest to modelers in the form of detail. Mostly targeting the subject itself, modeling is addressed but not the end goal. This periodical provides more!

Also from their website:

  • Articles in this issue:
  • Harry Symons, 65 Sqdn's first ace: Stewart Taylor
  • 36 Squadron Revisited: Mick Davis
  • Reginald Binckes, 214 Sqdn RAF: David Hearn
  • Royal Aircraft Factory BE2a No.50: Paul Hare
  • Wireless BE2as: Paul Hare
  • Modelling: Gold Award Halberstadt CL.II: Haris Ali.
  • Gazetteer of British Flying Sites in France, Belgium and Germany, 1914-1920, Part 13: Peter Dye, Roger Austin, Mick Davis
  • .......And the Editorial by Mick Davis

For example: Night operations… Period pictures of people and equipment, and fascinating stories. Anecdotes of individual family member recollections of combat; what the war was like to them and how it affected them.

This periodical is written in what I consider old-school detailed storytelling. My kind of writing as well… for I find the magazines we pay a ton of money for just for a few large format image spreads of another person’s modeling a bit of a letdown. “Here’s my model, it was expensive and I had fun building it, hope you like it”. Ya know. Sure, they have their place, but all the empty space which could be filled with verbiage is just that; a waste of white space.

It’s one of the reasons I stopped buying many modeling magazines. A combination of images and real detailed non-fiction is worthy of your time. Cross and Cockade fills that void in available hard-copy magazines. If you want magazines that are glorified screenshots, don’t look here. Reading is a worthy pursuit and will make you smarter. (try it). There are at least three modeling mags that have a good mix, and they get my cash. This group has just joined the ranks of those I will look for.

Final note: This Magazine is a quarterly periodical, and if you have any interest in the First World War, dive in. I found the stories inspirational in my modeling, as the interest in that which I had not otherwise been there was sparked. (HP 400 anyone?)…

In the end, I highly recommend this periodical for anyone wishing something different… Thanks again to the editors of the magazine for sending IPMS USA a copy!


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