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January 25, 2021
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This review looks at Mission Model Paints Farm Tractor Yellow (MMP-126), Hiway Yellow 1930/1990 Heavy Equipment (MMP-041), New Construction Yellow 1990 to Present (MMP-125), and Concrete 1 (MMP-127). This is a comparison of the paint colors to actual vehicles or materials. Check out my earlier review on the use and performance of MMP Paints.

Mission Models Paints are non-solvent base organic acrylics that produce a flat finish.

Construction Equipment Colors

MMP has released three yellow colors for construction equipment:

  1. Farm Tractor Yellow (MMP-126)
    • I suspect this color is for John Deere equipment but MMP could not use the brand name. The yellow spray can from Deere’s web site is not accurate for the comparison. The color comparison to the Deere vehicle shows the color to be much more accurate.
  2. Hiway Yellow 1930/1990 Heavy Equipment (MMP-041)
    • This is the color name Caterpillar used when they first switched from gray to yellow in 1931 and used up to 1979.
  3. New Construction Yellow 1990 to Present (MMP-125)

I suspect this is the ‘new’ Caterpillar Yellow color.

From Caterpillar’s website:

  • 1931 – Caterpillar changed the paint color of its machines from gray to Hi-Way Yellow.
  • 1979 – Caterpillar discontinues the use of its Hi-Way Yellow paint color and implements a new color: Caterpillar Yellow.

I think these colors are intended to match Caterpillar equipment but MMP again could not use the brand name.

Construction Equipment Color Samples

The color samples of the paints were applied by brush on white styrene without a primer. There’s obviously a lot of wear and fading variation in the colors of the actual vehicles, but the samples matched very closely to new, undamaged equipment.

Concrete Color

These sample were airbrushed onto textured white styrene. I compared the samples to my 15-year-old driveway and sidewalk. The MMP color is slightly warmer than the actual materials but could use some texturing or weathering to be more accurate. The samples appeared slightly ‘green’, like concrete that has been recently poured.

MMP calls this shade Concrete 1, so maybe there’s more concrete colors coming?

These are unique colors that appear to be very accurate and fill in some blanks. Thanks to Mission Model Paints for continuing to produce more useful colors and supplying the review samples to IPMS.


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