Consolidated PB4Y-1/1P Liberator

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June 14, 2018
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Steve Ginter
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Soft cover, 241 pages, 511 Black & White Photos 4 color images, 72 drawings
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Naval Fighters # 105
Company: Ginter Books - Website: Visit Site
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This book covers the PB4Y-1/1P Liberator in US Naval service. Armed with the success of land based bombers used by the USAAC anti-submarine command in the Atlantic along with RAF Coastal Command on the other side of the Atlantic, the Navy went to the AAC to ask for a share of the B-24 production. This was granted in return for the Navy canceling orders for the Boeing PBB Sea Ranger thus freeing up that production capacity for B-29s.

Ginter books are well known in both the modeling and aviation community for their in-depth photo coverage and history of the title subject. This book on the PB4Y-1 , number 105 in the Naval Fighters series, lives up to the sterling reputation established by all of the previous volumes. It is a great companion volume to the one on the PB4Y-2!

The book begins with an overview of the development and conversion of the B-24 to the patrol bomber role. Design details as well as cockpit and systems are also covered. These section photos are what Ginter books are known for and what many modelers have depended on to “get it right”! Good coverage is given to the many different nose turrets used in the PB4Y-1s. From the field modified strafer nose, ERCO bow turret, Consolidated A-6A Corsair turret, MPC Bow turret and the Emerson A-15 bow turret, all are covered in detail.

Next the book covers the many different test wings and squadrons that used the PB4Y-1/1Ps covering a full 140 pages of the book. These are filled with aircraft and nose art photos, as well as gun-camera and other action shots. There is also a section detailing “Project Anvil” which claimed the life of Joseph Kennedy.

The book concludes with the 13 page modeling section showing every kit available form 1/144 to 1/48 scale with brief review on most of these models. These are helpful in determining which kits are the best for your money.

I really like this book and the entire Air Force Legends/ Naval Fighters series by Ginter books! They are essential for any modeler who wants to super detail their model and to a good overall aviation library. I can heartily recommend this book (as well as the entire Ginter series) to anyone with an interest in building a PB4y-1 or in aviation history!

Our thanks to Ginter Books for the review copy and my thanks to IPMS/USA for the review opportunity!


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