Consolidated PB2Y Coronado

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Capt. Richard Hoffman, USN (Ret.)
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Softcover, 194 pages, historical b&w photos, drawings, tech manual reproductions
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Naval Fighters Number 85
Company: Ginter Books - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Ginter Books - Website: Visit Site

This is the first Ginter book I have had the pleasure of reading or reviewing. It is in the standard format of a softback book with card covers and is approx. 8 ½” x 11” in size. The text and photos are all printed on glossy, high quality paper.

There is a detailed history of the development of the PB2Y, followed by an in-depth operational history. This operational history includes details of many combat missions. High quality black and white photos are present on every page. There are also drawings and pages reproduced from technical manuals.

After the technical development section, the operational history is broken down into sections on the US Navy, the Naval Transport Service, service as an “Admiral’s Barge,” and the RAF. There are even a few pages dedicated to the Coronado’s Seaplane Tenders.

Following this is a list of every Coronado by Bu.No., its USN acquisition date, posting, and date struck off the records. This is followed by a list of Coronado accidents and casualties.

The rest of the book, starting about page 122, is dedicated to detail shots of the aircraft, both inside and out. Cockpits, gun stations, bomb bays, and much more are covered here. All in large, very clear photos.

Finally there are a few pages covering the few existing kits available of the aircraft. Kits covered are the RarePlanes 1/72 vac, 1/200 HBM resin kit, and 1/72 Sutcliff vac.

I noticed a few very minor editing issues in this book, but absolutely nothing that takes away from the huge appeal this will have for any modeler interested in the subject.

Thanks to Ginter Books for the review copy and to IPMS for allowing me to review it.


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