Cold Wind - German Infantry, 1941-1942

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May 10, 2012
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Company: Master Box Ltd - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Dragon Models USA - Website: Visit Site
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Master Box has provided 5 German infantry figures in dynamic poses that reflects the kit label “Cold Wind”. Typical of their products, the box front accurately reflects the final figures and the box rear has pictorial instructions on figure assembly. Pictures of the two sprues are provided on the rear, one is labeled A and the other B. The sprues themselves do not have this marking, but sprue A has parts for three figures and sprue B has parts for two figures. Part count for the sprues is 109 pieces, with 8 parts not being used. The plastic is a yellow/tan color, soft, and glues well with liquid cement.

A few general observations are in order at this point. All the figures are wearing the German great coats and, to capture the effects of the blowing wind, the coat’s lower portion is divided into four parts, two for the rear and two for the front. Only cut from the sprues the parts for one figure at a time, it would be all too easy to be confused if more parts were on the table than you need to have. Glue the two leg halves together. For me, I started putting the two rear great coat parts on first. After that set for a few minutes, carefully put on the front pieces and align these with the rear parts to keep the side seam to a minimum. What seam filling I needed to do was with these joints. Generally, the part fit was good, but it helps to take your time and dry fit the parts as you go. After that, you can add the torso and arms. When you start to add the various accessories that hang from the belt, you can use the box’s bottom as a guide as a front and rear photo of each painted figure is provided.

The only problem I had was with the figure carrying the machine gun. (MG34 and MG42 are provided and you will have to decide which to use) Both hands were of the closed fist type and would not hold the machine gun. So I cut off the thumbs and used a rat tail file to open the hand’s underside to allow them to properly hold the machine gun. When the gun had been glued on, I made new thumbs from round stock and glued them on. The figures come with part of the gun shoulder straps molded on, but the straps do not reach or connect to the weapons themselves. (98 Mauser rifles, MP40 and MG34 or MG42) You will need to cut strips from lead foil or aluminum foil to make straps that connect from the figures to their weapons. On the kit I was provided, the 98 Mausers did not have triggers. They were short shot but, by cutting thin styrene strips, I was able to glue these in place. Problem solved.

As this is a build review, I decided to just prime the figures. One can have many hours of fun, painting and blending the figures into a diorama, so I’ll leave that in more capable hands. As the photos show, the figures will make a great addition to any winter scene. I can just see these guys marching alongside a tank in the Russian winter. I can highly recommend this kit to armor or figure modelers. I want to thank IPMS/USA and Dragon Models USA, Inc & Master Box Ltd for the opportunity to review this kit.


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