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February 3, 2020
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Airscale. You might know this company for their really fine instrument dial decals and cockpit placard decals. I have used these decals on every model I have built that included an instrument panel or dashboard since these products came out. Now, Airscale has included another great product which also works in conjunction with their own decals, as well as decals supplied with kits.

This newly introduced product is the Cockpit Instrument Bezels. Each bezel is finely made and detailed in 1/32 scale. The sets contains one large brass photo etch fret with different diameter bezels that contain various versions from WWI to WWII, and also some modern jets. There are single, double, and triple mounted bezels included with a large colored card picturing the bezels and showing the row and column of each bezel for identification. There are some multiple types of bezels for U.S., RAF, and Luftwaffe aircraft, which means that just one set can be used for many models and will go a long way.

The bezels are applied the same way as any other photo etch product. Even though prior experience with photo etch products isn’t necessary, it is advisable to experiment with the use of ca glue if one hasn’t used it. They can be also “glued” with a varnish or Future, or even white glue.

According to their web site, these are also available in 1/24 scale, but smaller scales will be available shortly. I highly recommend these bezels, especially in kits which really don’t have accurate or well-detailed instrument panels.

Please take a look at their website to see all of their products which will add realistic detail to any cockpit and dashboard that you want to add that extra degree of detail. I have seen these products at Spruebrothers for sale at a reasonable price.

I would like to thank Airscale for sending us an example and IPMS/USA for giving me the opportunity to review this product.


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